Personal shopping support in ATHENS

Personal shopping accompaniment

I will show you all THE  BEST boutiques and shops  in Athens and  I can help you to choose(if you like) and buy the presents for you,your  family and for your friends.Even if you don’t have a lot of time, I can help you  to create an Express Shopping.I will create a programme for you ,where we will go ,to complete your shopping fast.One hour costs 130 euro/140 dollars.Just write me, when you arrive and get 30% discount for personal shopping support.If you have any questions,go to the page with my contacts and connect with me.

Only 5 days!!!The price is 30% discount for personal shopping support !! From 130 euro/ per hour ,the price now is  91 euro /per hour.And from 140 dollars/ per hour the price is 98 dollars/ per hour.