Welcome !!!

My name is Lana.

This is my short real name. Because basically I work abroad, I was needed a short name. And I chose this one. My real name is SVETLANA.


I am an expert of style and shopping,image maker,fashion stylist.

I live in Greece many years. And I speak fluent in English and Greek languages. I was a partner of greek an exclusive designer of women’s clothing VRETTOS VRETTAKOS.

And I had organized participation of designer in Volvo Fashion Week in Moscow in 2012.

Not so long ago, I have starred in the movie in a greek serial in the episode. Let’s say it’s my hobby when I have a free time.

I just love to help to the girls and women to express their unique appeal. The appeal which one they are wrongly express or carefully concealed…


And my best reward is when I see tears of happiness my esteemed customers 🙂